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The first commercial created with artificial intelligence: Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds-owned operator uses emerging technology

Primer anuncio creado con inteligencia artificial

Ryan Reynolds’ mobile operator thinks up the first ad created with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the technology called to be the protagonist in 2023. Its most popular software is called ChatGPT and it is the one that is generating the most controversies on social networks. And it is that the possibilities of artificial intelligence are putting more than one on alert.

And it hasn’t taken long for brands to use this technology to try to recreate a “creative” way of facing challenges, such as, for example, creating an advertisement. This is what Mint Mobile has done, Ryan Reynolds’ mobile operator who has used ChatGPT to create his advertising campaign.

The Mint Mobile ad is the first commercial created with artificial intelligence. The mobile operator owned by Ryan Reynolds makes use of the popular actor to narrate the creation of these ads with his peculiar style.

In a shot of humor and irony, Ryan Reynolds tells us that he has asked ChatGPT to create an advertising campaign for the company. With some conditions, including a joke, a swear word and the information that the Mint Mobile Christmas promotion.

The minute-long ad exposes the result of artificial intelligence in the voice of Ryan Reynolds. A text that the actor describes as “mysterious” and “terrifying” but “convincing”.

According to statements by Aron Noth, marketing director: “The Mint Mobile ad cost practically nothing. It was shot with a mobile phone and the video editing was done in the same agency. To prepare the text, we collaborated with those responsible for artificial intelligence.”

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