Pringles Super Bowl commercial with Chris Pratt: “Mr. P”

The Pringles Super Bowl commercial shows us Chris Pratt with a mustache in the purest style of the brand’s logo. Brands continue to launch their advertising campaigns for the Super Bowl. One that never fails is Pringles, the popular potato…

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Best Commercials of 2022

The hilarious Pringles commercial for the Super Bowl: “Stuck In”

The Pringles ad is a fun story about life and love… to Pringles. The Super Bowl is drawing near and the brands are finalizing the final sprint to launch their advertising campaigns. At the moment the BMW commercial “Zeus &…

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The new brand image of Pringles in 25 years: “Mind Popping”

The new image of Pringles is launched after 25 years without touching the brand image. There are really few brands that can afford not to change their brand image in 25 years. And more so in an era where technological…

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