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The hilarious Pringles commercial for the Super Bowl: “Stuck In”

Anuncio de Pringles Super Bowl | Stuck In

The Pringles ad is a fun story about life and love… to Pringles.

The Super Bowl is drawing near and the brands are finalizing the final sprint to launch their advertising campaigns. At the moment the BMW commercial “Zeus & Hera” and the one for General Motors with “Dr. Evil” are the ones that are causing the most comments.

But if there’s one thing about Super Bowl commercials, it’s that they’re mostly funny. We are talking about a Half Time where the show prevails and the brands want to maintain that high with positive and fun proposals. This is the case of the Pringles commercial for the Super Bowl.

“Stuck In” is the title of the Pringles commercial for the Super Bowl. It has been made by the Gray agency and directed by Tom Kuntz. This director is known for making the famous “The man your man could smell like” by Old Spice.

The Pringles commercial puts us in a situation that we have experienced many times: reach into the Pringles can to get the last chip. But the protagonist is trapped and cannot get her out of it, so he decides to lead a normal life with her.

Thus, to the rhythm of “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie, we travel through different stages in the life of our protagonist. He falls in love, marries, has children and lives a full life. All to end up dying the can in his hand.

The Pringles Super Bowl commercial highlights a dilemma that 43% of Pringles consumers have experienced, according to a study of the brand owned by Kellogg.

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