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All the Super Bowl commercials 2024

Best Super Bowl Commercials 2024

The best commercials from Super Bowl 2024 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers

This weekend, in Las Vegas, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers played the 58th edition of the Super Bowl. This event brings together more than 100 million people live; and it is the only event capable of rivaling the Olympic Games or the Soccer World Cup in terms of audiences. The 4-hour show brings together more than 100 million people live with special intermissions designed for large advertisers.

This year, the average price of advertising in the Super Bowl ranges between 6 and 6.5 million dollars, reaching 7 million at some specific point. And the Super Bowl is, without a doubt, the showcase where all brands want to be. It is a sign of brand strength in front of consumers. Let’s see what the best Super Bowl 2024 ads have in store for us.

Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial – Don’t Forget

Uber Eats commercial review

Dunkin’ commercial with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Matt Damon.

Read Dunkin’ advert review

Doritos – Dina & Mita

Doritos Dina & Mita commercial review

Pringles Commercial – Mr.P

Pringles Mr. P Commercial review

Paramount Plus Super Bowl Campaign with Patrick Stewart

Paramount+ Super Bowl commercial review/button]

Google Super Bowl commercial – Javier in Frame

Read our Google Pixel 8 commercial review

Squarespace – Hello Down There

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial – Old School Delivery

Read our Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial review

Michelob Ultra – Superior Beach

Read our Michelob Ultra review

Hellmann’s – Mayo Cat

Read our Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercial review

Oreo – Twist On It

Read our Oreo Super Bowl Commercial review

Uber Eats – David and Victoria Beckham

Read our Uber Eats commercial review

Kawasaki – Mullets

Read our Kawasaki Super Bowl commercial review


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