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The best Super Bowl Commercials of 2022

Best Super Bowl Commercials

The best commercials of the Super Bowl 2022 between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams

The Super Bowl arrives, one of the biggest sporting events, only comparable to the Olympic Games or the World Cup. Every year it brings together more than 100 million people live, in a 4-hour live show with special intermissions designed for large advertisers.

And it is that the Super Bowl is without a doubt, the showcase where all the brands want to be. It is a spectacle measured to the millimeter. Of the entire event, almost an hour is allocated to advertising spaces, where different advertising campaigns and movie advertisements are shown.

But increasingly, brands are advancing their ads for more impact than match day. We leave you with the best ads of the Super Bowl 2022.

BMW – Zeus & Hera

Review of BMW Commercial for Super Bowl

General Motors – Dr. Evil

Review of General Motors Commercial for Super Bowl

Pringles – Stuck In

Review of Pringles Commercial for Super Bowl

Amazon – Alexa

Review of Alexa Commercial for Super Bowl

Kia – RoboDog

Review of Kia Commercial for Super Bowl

Budweiser – A Clydesdale’s Journey

Amazon – Mind Reader

Avocados – Always Good

Sales Force – The New Frontier

SquareForce – Sally’s Seashells

Planet Fitness – Live Better

Uber – Uber Don’t Eats

Michelob Ultra – Welcome to superior Bowl

Hellmann’s – Mayo Tackles Food

Nissan – Thrill Driver

Lay’s – Paul Rudd & Seth Rogers

Review of Lay’s Commercial for Super Bowl

BMW – Zeus Trailer

Review of BMW Trailer Commercial for Super Bowl

Walmart – Live Better

Review of Walmart Commercial for Super Bowl

Tropicana – Just Another Day

Review of Tropicana Commercial for Super Bowl – Fortune Favours the Brave

Review of Commercial for Super Bowl

Pepsi – The Call

Review of Pepsi Commercial for Super Bowl

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