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The BMW commercial for the Super Bowl with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anuncio BMW Super Bowl | Arnold Schwarzenegger

BMW’s Super Bowl commercial features Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus.

After 7 years, BMW will advertise again in the Super Bowl and it wants to do it, without a doubt, in a big way. And it is that the German brand is preparing the ground for the Half Time Show of the game that will be played by the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

BMW’s commercial gives us a bombshell in what will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated commercials of the Super Bowl. The reason? The interpretation of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus in what will be the presentation of the new BMW electric model.

BMW’s Super Bowl commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger will premiere on February 13. But they wanted to offer us a series of teasers and posters as an appetizer. It was the actor who would unleash the rumors by posting on his social media accounts what appeared to be a poster for his latest film: “Zeus” where he would play the King of Olympus and a release date: February 2022.

Anuncio BMW Super Bowl | Arnold Schwarzenegger

Quickly, the media, bloggers and influencers from the comic world speculated on whether the poster would be an official movie and what it would be about. The figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger imposes as a Greek god and the media took it for granted. It was not until this week that the cake was discovered: BMW returns to the Super Bowl after 7 years and does so hand in hand with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A movement of the brand that, after seeing the success of the war between Audi and General Motors for the Super Bowl with its crossing of advertising campaigns, has not wanted to miss out. For this he has released a teaser where we see Zeus in a cafeteria asking for coffee. The shop assistant is Matty Cardapole, who we have seen in Stranger Things, who has difficulty pronouncing Zeus’s name correctly.

We will see the complete announcement in the middle part of the Super Bowl, which will be broadcast on Sunday, February 13.

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BMW Super Bowl Commercial | Zeus & Hera

Watch the new BMW Commercial for Super Bowl

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