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The commercial war between General Motors and Audi

This Super Bowl has left us an commercial war between General Motors and Audi.

Every year, the Super Bowl leaves us with memorable advertising campaigns. You have the entire list with the best Super Bowl commercials that we have prepared here. One of those ads has led to an advertising war between two of the big motor brands: General Motors and Audi.

It started General Motors with an ad starring Will Ferrell. He charged against Norway for being at the forefront of electric cars. With a tone between controversial and parodic, we see how Will punches a globe to later recruit those people to undertake a crusade that will take him to the Norwegian country.

Well, Audi Norway has responded with several advertisements and inciting Americans not to hate, but to imitate the Norwegian country. For this he made three commercials, all starring Norwegian actor Kristoffer Hivju. In the first, the actor drives an Audi e-tron and stops to pick up the world map that we see in the General Motors ad. The actor adds, “Do you want to punch us in the face? Do you want to do this to me, to the world? We are trying to take care of the world. Take care of him”.

The second begins with a “You really hate us, don’t you? But in Norway we fight hatred with love and kindness … well, no, but we hit the face with fish, with salmon, do you understand?” The commercial concludes by saying that the Audi e-tron was the best seller in Norway during 2020.

The latest commercial, even more satirical, shows the actor eating a pizza that was supposedly sent to him from the United States. The idea came from the creative agency POL, which has not hesitated to take advantage of the media pull and exposure of the General Motors ad to achieve advertising revenue. According to Audi Norway: “Norway is a peace loving nation, but we strongly felt that GM’s hate campaign deserved a quick response, of course with a touch of humor.”

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