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Here you will find the Best Cars Commercials!

At Eslogan Magazine we love advertising campaigns in the automotive sector. Without a doubt, they have left us with memorable ads and some of the best advertising campaigns in history. Adverts for Audi, BMW or Mercedes are campaigns that are undoubtedly remembered by everyone and the considered best cars commercials of all time.

If you love car advertising campaigns, this is your site. A list updated at the moment with the Best Cars Commercials.

  • Anuncio de Peugeot | Drawn by attraction

    Peugeot’s commercial is a funny story about a security camera falling in love

    The Peugeot commercial is a funny and endearing story of a security camera reminiscent of Pixar. Car ads have long since reached their creative zenith. What was once a fertile ground to make the best of creativity flourish; Now it…

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  • Anuncio de Renault Captur E-Tech

    Renault’s commercial encourages us not to take its new electric model

    Renault’s commercial in France presents its new Captur E-Tech hybrid model in an original way. Car adverts have historically set the pace when it comes to valuing creativity in the advertising industry. At a time when you had to communicate…

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  • Anuncio del Renault Clio | 

    The emotional commercial of the Renault Clio celebrates 32 years

    The commercial of the Renault Clio is a tribute to the Renault classic, which debuts an electric model. The electric car has practically landed. Since Elon Musk turned the automotive sector upside down, Tesla’s marketing and advertising strategy has positioned…

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  • Actriz del anuncio de Audi 2021

    Janelle Monáe stars in the new 2021 Audi commercial

    The audi commercial actress is Janelle Monáe and stars in “Progress isn’t either – or”. Audi’s advertising campaigns are being carried out by young actors. First he was the actor in the Audi Q4 commercial, starring Regé-Jean Page, the actor…

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  • Ac

    The actor in the Audi Q4 commercial is Regé-Jean Page

    The actor in the Audi Q4 advert is Regé-Jean Page and stars in “Celebrating Progress.” It is the advertising campaign that is raising the most questions: “Who is in the audi commercial?” And as happens in these cases, the product…

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  • A-ha and Volkswagen | Partners in reinvention

    The beautiful story of A-ha and Volkswagen in “Partners in reinvention”

    “Partners in reinvention” is the beautiful story of the popular A-ha group told by Volkswagen. Car brands are clear that the road to electrifying cars has started and is unstoppable. Little by little the models that are launched have their…

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  • The Best Volkswagen Commercials

    We analyze the five best Volkswagen commercials. Volkswagen’s history has always been associated with advertising. But it was not until the Beetle arrive to the United States in the 60s when it was decided to bet on the realization of…

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  • The Best BMW Commercials

    We analyze the five best commercials of BMW Behind the acronym “Bayerische Motor Werke” lies the German car manufacturer BMW. A lot has changed the “Bavarian Motor Factory” since in 1919 was dedicated to manufacturing engines for German aircraft for…

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  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy of Tesla

    The marketing and advertising strategy of Tesla

    How has Tesla come to be a reference without spending money on advertising? We are going to analyze the Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla. Tesla Motors is the pioneer company in the manufacture of electric cars. But, how has…

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  • Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters

    The original graphic campaign of BMW: “Time Matters”

    “Time Matters” is a graphic campaign of BMW to present its app. We love them when brands opt for graphic campaigns. In an era whith trend and viral campaigns, we celebrate the use of advertising campaigns based on graphics, photography…

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  • VW Beer, a Volkswagen beer special for drivers

     VW Beer is the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol while driving. There are many car brands that carry out awareness campaigns on the use of alcohol while driving. The surprising thing is that a brand creates a…

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