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The Best BMW Commercials

We analyze the five best commercials of BMW

Behind the acronym “Bayerische Motor Werke” lies the German car manufacturer BMW. A lot has changed the “Bavarian Motor Factory” since in 1919 was dedicated to manufacturing engines for German aircraft for World War I to become a car manufacturer.

BMW is one of the most acclaimed brand in the automotive sector. It’s one of the most passions and desires generated and its models are coveted by millions of people around the world. BMW has positioned itself as the most passionate, admired and desired premium brand. In his day we made an article about the origin and history of the BMW logo that we highly recommend.

German mark has managed to find its own way and style when creating its cars. A path that has been perfectly reflected in his way of understanding and advertising. A differentiated style and in which Toni Segarra, one of the great creatives of our country, has played an essential role.

Today we are going to review the living history of advertising. Today we are going to analyze the five best commercials of BMW.


The BMW M5 stood out in its time for being the fastest car on the market. Its 394 horsepower stood out above the rest. Only the AMG E55 Mercedes-Benz model dared to shade it. Proud of their model, they made an advertising campaign with a test rocket in an Arizona desert by way of comparison. The end surprised many and made it clear that BMW wanted to stand out above the rest.


BMW’s commercial to present its 520d model was titled “If something can be done better, let’s do it better” but it was better known as “The Stravinsky Commercial” among users. And it is that the popular Russian composer was the star protagonist of this advertising campaign. Here, BMW continued with the resource to use archive images for its ads, which worked so well with the popular “Be Water My Friend” by Bruce Lee. In the commercial we see Stravinsky in a constant effort to perfect his pieces, although technically, they were perfect.

Look at you

One of the three best advertising ads of BMW. In 2002, the German brand launched an ad in our country that, in a minute strips all our feelings we feel every time we see a BMW. An ad that ignores car technology and focuses on the feelings we feel every time we drive a car.

Be Water My Friend

What to say about this ad, one of the most remembered by all consumers worldwide. It is part of the magical era in which Toni Segarra and his team redefined BMW’s communication and also the way to understand advertising for the rest of the brands. And it is that to announce the BMW X3 SUV, they recovered an interview with Bruce Lee where he talked about merging with the elements. A definitive concept to announce the characteristics of the German SUV, capable of adapting to all types of terrain.

The fusion of that concept, the philosophy of Bruce Lee and the brilliant montage made this one of the best commercials in history. The numbers speak for themselves: the increase in brand grew by 20% in notoriety and 73% more sales were made compared to the same period of the previous year.

You like driving?

The Bruce Lee ad would be the best ad in the history of any advertising brand in the market. But it is that BMW launched what is probably the best ad in history. Made by SCPF agency and the producer MJZ. An idea by Toni Segarra, the commercial changed the philosophy of the brand and the slogan remained into the consumers.

It was the first time that a car brand ignored the technical characteristics of the vehicle with respect to the competition to appeal to the emotions and feelings we have when driving on the road. Feelings that invite us to free ourselves and flow with the wind. The “You like driving” commercial was awarded as the best commercial of the last 25 years. And of course, it is the best advertising ad for BMW.

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