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BMW’s commercial presents its new concept: “Forwardism”

German Agency Jung von Matt has been in charge of carrying out the advertising campaign

Anuncio de BMW | Forwardism

BMW’s commercial for his new electric model combines art and technology in a new concept: “Forwardism”

Car brands are taking advantage of the transition to electric models to renew their corporate image. An ideal movement for those brands that have had problems at the image level such as Volkswagen and an opportunity to reposition as a brand.

If we applauded the new concept of Audi campaigns and the inclusion of emerging actors as a symbol of rejuvenation; Now is BMW’s turn that presents its new electric model.

“This is forwardism” is the BMW commercial title to present its new electric model, the i7. It has been created by the German agency Jung von Matt and directed by Shane Griffin. The campaign mixes technology and art to publicize the new model of the German brand.

Through several works of art and iconic movements such as mannerism, classicism, impressionism or surrealism we witness the idea of progress. Each work comes to life to overflow the limits of the canvas and the frame.

According to the director, Shane Griffin: “The” Forwardism “shows the reimagination of the conventional, the transformation of what we thought we knew in something new; something we considered impossible and that, however, here is, before our eyes.

BMW’s commercial serves to present the new high -gamma electric model, the i7, launched the April table. A model that aspires to excellence in design, technology and luxury.

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