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The Best Volkswagen Commercials

We analyze the five best Volkswagen commercials.

Volkswagen’s history has always been associated with advertising. But it was not until the Beetle arrive to the United States in the 60s when it was decided to bet on the realization of advertisements in the media. Before, the small car was winner of the contest that Hitler made to launch his plan to promote the automobile industry to relaunch its factories and make them more competitive against English and French ones. The town car, known in German as “Volkswagen” was designed by Ferdinand Porsche.

After the war, the company was privatized in 1960 and its vehicle production was around one million vehicles per year. So, he decided to make the leap to the United States with an historic graphic ad to present the Beetle: “Think Small”.

Since then Volkswagen has won more than 150 awards at different advertising festivals.Their campaigns have been produced by the best advertising agencies: Deutsch Inc, DDB WorldWide or Almap BBDO and several of their ads are considered the best ads in history.

Today, in our special on the best ads of the big brands, we are going to analyze the five best Volkswagen commercials.

5. It will change your life

We started our top 5 with “It will change your life”, the commercial made in 2007 to advertise the new Polo of the German brand. In it we see how a confusion in the hospital changes the name of a boy and a girl, living these according to their new gender roles. In the end their roads end up coming together in the dealership.

4. Tall Girl

In 2013 Volkswagen launched Up! The smallest car that made the German brand and that stood out for its wide interior capacity despite its small exterior appearance. The commercial gave us a funny story about a girl who only knows boys shorter than her.

3. Golf V

Static images, overprinted text and a emotional song. The theme is titled “Bizarre Love Triangle” and was a version made by “Front” of the original that “New Order” published in 1986. People immediately went crazy trying to find that song. Everyone talked about him, at home, at work or at the university. At a time when YouTube had begun its journey and finding an mp3 from an unknown group was a chimera. The Golf V commercial was a turning point in the world of advertising and the use of songs.

2. Singing in the Rain

In 2005 Volkswagen surprised everyone to announce their new Golf. The ad “Singing in the Rain” showed us the famous dance of Gene Kelly in “Singing in the rain”, the 1952 film. As the commercial progresses we see how the dance is updated with more modern steps in a display of technology for the time. The final slogan ends with “The new Golf GTi, the original, updated” that perfectly sums up what was seen in the commercial.

1. The Force

During the SuperBowl pause in 2011, Volkswagen took a spot as fun as it was endearing. It was to announce the Volkswagen Passat and quickly dazzled all the spectators. The illusion and constancy of a small Star Wars fan is rewarded with the appearance of the use of the force he had been looking for so much. “The Force” quickly went viral on the network and won numerous awards at advertising festivals. Viewers voted it among the best car ads of the last 25 years.

So far our special on the best advertising ads of Volkswagen. Do you think they are the best? Do you think they should be others? We encourage you to leave your opinion in the comments.

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