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Volkswagen’s funny commercial: “The Hand”

The DDB agency is in charge of the European campaign of the German firm

Anuncio de Volkswagen | The Hand

“The Hand” is the title of the Volkswagen commercial that recalls the famous advertisement for little Darth Vader.

Volkswagen’s relationship with pop culture has always been close. We all remember the fantastic 2011 commercial “The Force” considered one of the best car commercials of all time. Also as he was a participant in the premiere of the Obi Wan series with his electric model ID Buzz.

Now they are launching a new advertising campaign with a clear allusion to the world of superheroes and all the phenomenon that has been created thanks to Marvel and DC movies. A campaign that mixes the ingredients used in “The Force” to present its new range of SUVs.

“The Hand” is the title of the Volkswagen commercial made by the DDB agency and produced by Lee Films. It will be broadcast at a European level to communicate the launch of the new SUV models of the German brand: The T-Roc, T-Cross and Taigo.

The piece shows us a little fan of superheroes who changes his life when he is touched by his idol in a movie presentation. In his day to day he will leave his left hand free and try not to touch anything to prevent contact from losing his magic. Until in the end, everything makes sense.

The Volkswagen commercial communicates the technological benefits of the new models with the characteristic humor of the brand and the capacity for wonder that the little ones have. All under the concept “Superpowers kick in when you need them”. The campaign will be launched in the European Union as well as versions of the spot for television and an extended version for digital.

Remembering the Volkswagen commercial: “The Force”

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