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VW Beer, a Volkswagen beer special for drivers

VW Beer is the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol while driving.

There are many car brands that carry out awareness campaigns on the use of alcohol while driving. The surprising thing is that a brand creates a special beer … for drivers. This is VW Beer, the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol at the wheel.

And is that for the first time in history, a car company makes a beer. An especial 0.0% alcohol content so you can have a drink and so be able to take the car quietly and take your friends.

Cerveza de Volkswagen

Volkswagen noted that accidents in Argentina had grown by 25% since 2017, with alcohol being the main cause in half of these accidents. Instead of make a classic public relations campaign, he contacted his parent agency in Argentina, DDB, to do a less conventional campaign.

For this they decided to create VW Beer, a beer with which you can “drive responsibly” and allow you “have fun having a good time with friends”, in the mouth of the creative heads of DDB Argentina.

The brand partnered with the local brewery Barba Roja to make the drink. One of the challenges was to get a pure 0.0% alcohol, since all non-alcoholic beers still carry a little. After three attempts, they came up with the right flavor. A surprising way to make drivers aware by encouraging them to drink your beer.

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