• Decathlon renueva su imagen de marca

    Decathlon renews its corporate image and brand strategy

    Decathlon renews its corporate image to begin a new brand trajectory. Decathlon has initiated the most ambitious brand change since its founding in 1976. Little did its founder, Michel Leclercq, think that with his small store in Lille he would…

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  • Campana Global de Siemens | Transform the everyday

    Siemens global campaign presents its new brand identity

    Siemens’ global campaign presents the new brand identity, an ambitious project that has been implemented for more than two years. Siemens is a German multinational that you surely know because it is present in our daily lives. It is a…

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  • Nuevo Logotipo de Pepsi

    The new Pepsi logo on the occasion of its 125th anniversary

    The new Pepsi logo recovers the essence of the brand from the 80s. Pepsi celebrates 125 years. Little did pharmaceutical chemist Caleb Davis Bradham think when he sold his drink in New Bern, North Carolina, which 125 years later would…

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  • Nueva Imagen de Marca Pringles | Mind Popping

    The new brand image of Pringles in 25 years: “Mind Popping”

    The new image of Pringles is launched after 25 years without touching the brand image. There are really few brands that can afford not to change their brand image in 25 years. And more so in an era where technological…

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  • The Best Batman Advertising Campaigns

    The best Batman advertising campaigns

    We analyze the best Batman advertising campaigns throughout its history. The bat man is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed superheroes in popular culture. Not surprisingly, the character created by Bob Kane is over 80 years old and is in…

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  • Who created the McDonald's Logo?

    Who created the McDonald’s logo?

    Who created the McDonald’s logo? We review the history and origin of the McDonald’s logo. If we talk about the yellow “M”, you will surely know what brand it is. That’s why the McDonald’s logo is one of the ten…

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  • Alfabeto de McDonald's | Say With M

    McDonald’s alphabet with its logo and packaging

    “Say With M”, McDonald’s creates an alphabet from its logo and its packaging. The use of brand packaging to create letters and words is one of the most used practices in advertising. There are quite a few examples, the most…

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  • Lacoste x Polaroid

    Lacoste and Polaroid create a new collaborative collection

    Lacoste and Polaroid have made a cobranding launching a new collaborative collection. For some time now, it is common to see how brands collaborate with each other. We have recently seen the case of Adidas and Lego sneakers and now…

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  • La Nueva Colección de Ropa con guiño a Nike

    Aldi presents its new exclusive spring clothing collection

    The new collection of Aldi clothing adds to the fever for Lidl pieces and does so with a nod to the Nike slogan: “Just Done It” The democratization of social networks achieves milestones such as revolutionizing consumption in certain supermarkets.…

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  • Rediseño KFC por Yay Abe

    KFC’s Image Redesign for its 50th Anniversary in South Africa

    KFC celebrates 50 years in South Africa and celebrates it with an image redesign of its famous buckets by talented illustrator Yay Abe. While in the rest of the world KFC has dropped its slogan to borrow from other brands,…

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  • Eslogan KFC competencia

    KFC uses those slogan of the competition during 48 hours

    The KFC slogan remains unused, and that is why the brand has decided to use those of the competition. For 64 years, the KFC slogan was “It’s finger lickin ‘good”, a slogan they stopped using in August 2020 to show…

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  • Who created the Apple logo?

    Who created the Apple logo?

    We analyze the history of one of the most recognized logos in the world to find out who created the Apple logo. The Apple logo has become one of the most recognized logos worldwide. The company behind the apple icon…

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  • McDonald's New Packaging

    The new McDonald’s packaging with minimalist illustrations

    McDonald’s new packaging modernizes its line with emotionally cheerful minimalist illustrations. If at the beginning of the year Burger King surprised everyone with a redesign of its brand and packaging, now it is the turn of its competition: McDonald’s. We…

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  • Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

    How Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

    We analyze the famous story of how Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo The Chupa Chups brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the world. The Spanish company founded in 1950 by Enric Bernat is present on…

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  • Cannes Lions 2019

    The Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2019

    The Grand Prizes awarded at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. The Festival of Advertising and Creativity of Cannes has come to an end. The Oscars of Advertising distribute their prizes to the best advertising campaigns. And is that all the…

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