Aldi presents its new exclusive spring clothing collection

La Nueva Colección de Ropa con guiño a Nike

The new collection of Aldi clothing adds to the fever for Lidl pieces and does so with a nod to the Nike slogan: “Just Done It”

The democratization of social networks achieves milestones such as revolutionizing consumption in certain supermarkets. We have seen it with the fever for the Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot by Lidl and in the deria for the Lidl clothing collection in those countries where it has been launched.

The zenith has been Lidl’s shoes, which cost 12 € in supermarkets to be resold for 465 € on Ebay. A successful communication strategy on social networks, home confinement and the shortage of the product has turned a pair of sneakers that would pass unnoticed into a luxury item.

Aldi wants to replicate this “fan phenomenon” of supermarket brands by launching a new limited clothing collection. She does it with a clever digital campaign with a nod to the included Nike slogan: “Just Done It.”

The collecting fever has been unleashed in recent years. Brands have taken advantage of it to launch limited editions that end once all units are sold on the market. Nintendo was one of the pioneers in using nostalgia marketing to sell us the NES and SuperNintendo minis. Social media and the streaming revolution have only amplified this need. Streamers and influencers count and share -that is- models sent by the same brands and that will be difficult to find in the market.

The new Aldi clothing collection wants nothing more than to replicate the success of Lidl clothing. The clothing line launched by the German multinational includes sweatshirts, sports shirts, socks, underwear and pajamas. It is called “Aldi Manía” and its price ranges between 12 and 15 pounds.

La Nueva Colección de Ropa con guiño a Nike

To promote the new Aldi clothing collection, they have created an ingenious outdoor advertising and social media campaign. The idea is to replicate the Nike slogan “Just Do It” for “Just Done It”. Obviously, Aldi’s clothing collection will disappear once it is exhausted. A way to create a need for all those who seek to dress with the latest fashions from social networks.

Aldi Manía, la Nueva Colección de Ropa

Nueva Colección de Ropa de Aldi



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