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Siemens global campaign presents its new brand identity

The Saatchi & Saatchi agency is in charge of the communication change

Campana Global de Siemens | Transform the everyday

Siemens’ global campaign presents the new brand identity, an ambitious project that has been implemented for more than two years.

Siemens is a German multinational that you surely know because it is present in our daily lives. It is a conglomerate of German companies and is considered the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. It operates in 4 main sectors: the industrial, energy, health, infrastructure and cities sectors.

It has now embarked on an ambitious process to change its brand image. And to do so, it has launched its first global campaign, in which the brand looks to the future with optimism.

Siemens international campaign

“Transform the Everyday” is the title of Siemens’ global campaign created by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi. A piece that wants to connect the digital universe with the real world, and does so through an omnipresent metaphysical force.

And Siemens’ level of integration with daily life is such that it is capable of accelerating change processes in transportation, urban development and the environment. The German multinational aims to strengthen its position as a global technology company.

The brand has been immersed in this change of corporate image for two years. According to Khanh Huynh-Kürzinger, Head of Brand at Siemens: “Over the last two years we have shaped a new brand identity that consistently and holistically meets all the requirements of a global technology brand. A clear and solid design language to provide maximum flexibility to the different areas the company operates in. Technology can change the world for the better and we are proud to tell stories that put into practice what has always been our credo in our new brand campaign.”

For his part, Dennies Mey, chief creative officer of Publicis Groupe: “Technology is complex and is often presented in a purely objective way and without emotional closeness, particularly in the B2B environment. But it is not an end in itself because the “The end of technology is always companies. For this reason we have decided to adopt a new approach in the new Siemens campaign and present technological innovations in a simple, emotional and above all human way.”

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