Lacoste and Polaroid create a new collaborative collection

Lacoste x Polaroid

Lacoste and Polaroid have made a cobranding launching a new collaborative collection.

For some time now, it is common to see how brands collaborate with each other. We have recently seen the case of Adidas and Lego sneakers and now Lacoste and Polaroid are the brands that launch a collaborative collection.

A colorful collection that recalls the popular Polaroid branding that Paul Giambarba created in 1958 and that catapulted the brand to levels of popularity like the current Apple.

Lacoste is a brand that is exploring the field of collaborative products. He teamed up with Pantone to create a new color, “Forevergreen by Lacoste” green inspired by the Everglades National Park (Florida, USA). Now, it has teamed up with Polaroid to launch a collection of clothes with the colors of the rainbow so characteristic of the American brand.

“This season, the crocodile poses for Polaroid” reads the slogan published by the brand on its website. The collection, which is titled “Let The Color In” will be available online, in addition to selected points of sale in major cities such as London, Milan, New York, Paris and Shanghai.

The colors blue, yellow, green, orange and red predominate in the thrown garments. Sweatshirts, polo shirts, swimsuits, sneakers, and other garments are reminiscent of the popular Polaroid image. On the other hand, a new instant camera has been launched, the limited edition Polaroid 600 inspired by the Lacoste brand with a shade the green hue of the popular crocodile.

A filter has also been created for Instagram where users can capture snapshots with the characteristic tone of Polaroid photos.

Lacoste x Polaroid Lacoste x Polaroid

Lacoste x Polaroid



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