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KFC’s Image Redesign for its 50th Anniversary in South Africa

Rediseño KFC por Yay Abe

KFC celebrates 50 years in South Africa and celebrates it with an image redesign of its famous buckets by talented illustrator Yay Abe.

While in the rest of the world KFC has dropped its slogan to borrow from other brands, in South Africa the brand turns 50. It was installed in 1971 and since then it has become a very popular brand in the African country. It is even a tradition that on Christmas dates families get together to eat the famous KFC buckets.

To celebrate the anniversary, KFC has prepared a whole series of promotions, such as a 50% discount on selected products or designing a collection of limited edition Buckets.

The talented illustrator Russell Abrahams, aka Yay Abe, was used to design these exclusive Buckets. Yay Abe’s bold, bright and fun style will add color to a range of collectible cubes that will bring color and joy to South African tables.

According to Suhayl Limbada, KFC Marketing Director: “Taking a global icon like the KFC cubes and adorning it with illustrations that represent the richness and beauty of our country’s diverse cultures is a very special project. Working with Yay Abe to telling our original heritage story through our iconic cubes, it is the perfect ode to the history of KFC in South Africa.”

Rediseño KFC por Yay Abe

There are three designs that Yay Abe has made for KFC: The 9-Piece Bucket is dedicated to all KFC workers. The 15-piece Bucket captures the essence of the secret recipe and the 21-piece embodies the special cultural norm of family members who gather at a table to enjoy each other’s company.

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