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KFC uses those slogan of the competition during 48 hours

Eslogan KFC competencia

The KFC slogan remains unused, and that is why the brand has decided to use those of the competition.

For 64 years, the KFC slogan was “It’s finger lickin ‘good”, a slogan they stopped using in August 2020 to show their social responsibility in the face of the pandemic. The term “finger licking” was not very appropriate in an age where small individual acts were very important.

Now they have taken advantage of this commercial break to borrow the slogans of other brands, to incorporate them into their advertising communications. Under the hashtag #UntilWeCanFingerLickAgain, the brand proposes an advertising game mentioning the competition.

Slogans like “Just Do It” by Nike, “Taste the Feeling” by Coca-Cola or “Give You Wings” by Red Bull are some of the proposals that accompany a bucket of wings from KFC. The brand, however, wants to make it clear from the beginning that it is only a game that will last 48 hours; thus trying to avoid possible lawsuits by the represented brands.

The KFC statement reads: “While our decision to ‘try on’ these slogans may come as a surprise, we are just having a little fun and have nothing but respect for the brands featured. After all, would we be using their slogans if “Won’t we like them? Nothing can really replace ours, a catchphrase we’re just eager to bring back, just when the time is right.”

Clearly, KFC plays its cards with a viral campaign that, although it lasts 48 hours, everyone will echo it. Even more so with the current of Community Managers and their peculiar style of humor. A campaign that started in South Africa but has spread to other international KFC accounts.

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