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KFC redeems videos that copy the original chicken recipe for product


KFC’s original action redeems videos that copy your recipe on YouTube for original product.

On YouTube, those videos in which you try to copy the products of different chains at home are very common. Some of the most successful are those trying to replicate KFC’s chicken recipe. The brand estimates that there are 516,000 recipe videos on YouTube that attempt to emulate the original recipe.

KFC’s success is evident in many countries, with a deep-rooted presence in Latin America, Africa and Japan where it is a tradition on Christmas night to dine on a bowl of fried chicken. That is why these videos proliferate on the networks. To put some order and mark territory, KFC has carried out this original action with all those videos that try to copy its recipe.

“KFCopypaste” is the title of the KFC share. It is a web page that acts as a converter. This website allows us to redeem recipes hosted on YouTube for KFC products. Just enter the video link to get a code that can be changed at any KFC.

According to Beatriz Martínez, KFC Brand Manager: “We are proud of the people who have invested so much time trying to get the original KFC recipe to be copied at home and share their versions with the rest of the world. We are going to give them back their time and effort. effort through what we do best: Colonel Sanders’ Original recipe. We encourage you to find copies of our recipe on YouTube to try KFC’s original #PolloPollo”

The KFC action that redeems videos has been created by the creative agency PS21 and was available from October 4 to 10 in all cities of Spain.

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