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How Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

We analyze the famous story of how Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

The Chupa Chups brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the world. The Spanish company founded in 1950 by Enric Bernat is present on five continents. It is estimated that its daily production is 12 million units that reach 108 countries. A success sometimes little recognized for the internationalization of the brand but undoubtedly deserved.

Chupa Chups is also one of the few brands that has not changed the logo to adapt to the new times. Like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple or Lego, its brand image has undergone little variation to remain imperishable. The reason? Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo, thus giving it a pedigree that few brands can boast of.

Is therefore the Chupa Chups brand image one of the most recognized in the world? It’s possible. But… how did Salvador Dalí come to create the Chupa Chups logo? Let’s get to know the story.

The history of Chupa Chups

Enric Bernat fundador de Chupa Chups

It was 1950 when Enric Bernat, grandson of confectioner Josep Bernat, decided to continue with the family trade. At the age of 26 he founded the company Productos Bernat together with Nuria Serra, daughter of a confectioner from Barcelona. They specialized in “peladillas”, a candied almond that is frequently served on Christmas occasions and as a gift to guests at baptisms.

In 1958 he took over 100% of the capital of Granja de Asturias, thanks to the advice of businessman Domingo Massanes. It was then that Enric Bernat commissioned a study from a French consultancy on the habits of sweets. The study concluded that 67% of the candy consumers were under 16 years old and that their hands got dirty when they took the candy out of their mouths. It was then that Enric Bernat reproduced the round candy on a stick, which in 1924 he invented the American company Akron Candy under the name of Dum-Dums (which are still manufactured today). The difference is that Akron Candy made the sticks out of wood, and Enric made them out of plastic. To reduce competition in Spain, he bought Spanish patents for similar products in 1959.

Expositores antiguos de Chupa Chups

It was in 1958 when the candy began to be sold under the name “Chups”. His first radio spots repeated the message of “Chupa … Chups!” so the public began to popularly call the product by that name. In 1961 they adapted to the trend and officially changed the name to “Chupa Chups” and began to be marketed with the slogan “It’s round and lasts long, Chupa Chups”. Their logo consisted of the words “Chupa” in black and “Chups” in red. Both on a striking yellow background.

Primer logotipo de Chupa Chups

How Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

Its success in Spanish territory was undeniable, reaching practically the entire territory, becoming the favorite candy for children. Someone with Bernat’s vision was clear about the next step: international sales. But to launch the product outside Spain, the product had to be relaunched as if it were starting over. This required a hook to attract new and potential customers. It was then that Enric Bernat traveled to Figueres (Girona) to commission the redesign of the Chupa Chups logo from Salvador Dalí himself, who at that time was one of the most influential international figures in the world.

The job was to make a good logo to achieve business goals. The peculiar artist agreed in exchange for a millionaire fee, which Enric accepted. Unsurprisingly, the quirky surreal artist thought for a while and began scribbling until he designed the daisy logo on a paper napkin. It took him less than an hour to create one of the most iconic logos of all time.

Although it may seem like a reluctant job, the truth is that the changes were smart. The first novelty was the use of a single red color on a yellow background, eliminating the three colors red, black and yellow. The second is to introduce one of the most emblematic elements of the logo and one of the clearest signs of identity of Chupa Chups: the flower shape that surrounds the logo. The last contribution was a recommendation from the artist to Enric, to place the logo on the upper part of the packaging to favor its visibility and give it its own personality.

Logo Chupa Chups creado por Salvador Dalí

The internationalization of Chupa Chups

Thus, Enric returned with the master lines of the new brand image made by the artist and thus began the period of internationalization of the brand, starting in Europe and an early foray into the Japanese market in 1977. His success was undeniable in all countries, reaching the United States in 1980, in Germany in 1982, in Russia in 1989, in China in 1994 and in Mexico in 1996. It currently reaches 108 countries.

Evolución logotipo de Chupa Chups

Characters such as Johan Cruyff, Mariah Carey, Spice Girls, Harrison Ford, Esther Cañadas, Giorgio Armani or Jorge Lorenzo have starred in advertising campaigns and have been seen in public places consuming the candy.

Without a doubt, the Chupa Chups brand image has transcended to this day. It continues to be a symbol of innovation, design and youth with a very strong pop style. He ended up expanding the brand to other sectors such as fashion and creating thousands of products and accessories following his current style and motto “Dress Less Serious”.

In 2018 the brand turned 60 years old in top shape, being one of the best-selling products in the world and producing 17,000 tons of candies, as well as being the first candy to have traveled into space.

60 aniversario de Chupa Chups
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