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  • History of the Rolling Stones logo

    History of the Rolling Stones logo

    We review the history of the Rolling Stones logo and Andy Warhol’s involvement in its creation. The Rolling Stones were founded in April 1962 in London. He held his debut concert that same year in the legendary London Soho hall…

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  • Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

    How Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

    We analyze the famous story of how Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo The Chupa Chups brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the world. The Spanish company founded in 1950 by Enric Bernat is present on…

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  • Pinceles Inspirados en Keith Haring

    Adobe launches new Keith Haring-inspired brushes for Photoshop

    Adobe’s new Keith Haring-inspired brushes are a tribute to the popular artist. Keith Haring was undoubtedly one of the most influential street artists during the 80s. He broke the barrier between disciplines, combining art, music and fashion. His simple strokes…

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  • Milton Glaser

    Great Graphic Designers: Milton Glaser

    We review the story of Milton Glaser, the designer who creates the logo of “I Love NY” and the psychedelic album cover of Bob Dylan. At the telling advertising agency we have a devotion to great graphic designers. Professionals who…

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  • Best Graphic Tablets Wacom

    The Best Graphic Tablets from Wacom

    In the world of graphic design, a graphic tablet it’s a must. We bring you a list of the best Wacom graphics tablets. Wacom graphics tablets are the most popular on the market. The Japanese company based in the prefecture…

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  • Cannes Lions 2019

    The Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2019

    The Grand Prizes awarded at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. The Festival of Advertising and Creativity of Cannes has come to an end. The Oscars of Advertising distribute their prizes to the best advertising campaigns. And is that all the…

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  • Absolut Confort Competition

    “Absolut Creative Competition”: Design the new global campaign

     Absolut Creative Competition: Absolut encourages us to design the new global campaign. In telling advertising agency we love the advertising campaigns of Absolut. Is one of the big brands in the “Hall of fame” of advertising along with Coca-Cola,…

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  • Gráfica de BMW: Time Matters

    The original graphic campaign of BMW: “Time Matters”

    “Time Matters” is a graphic campaign of BMW to present its app. We love them when brands opt for graphic campaigns. In an era whith trend and viral campaigns, we celebrate the use of advertising campaigns based on graphics, photography…

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  • Anuncios de Post-it

    A brilliant Post-It ad: Bright Ideas Are Worth to Remember

    The latest Post-it graphic campaign reminds us that great ideas must be remembered. We love the Post-it advertising campaigns. They are usually original and fun ideas, which both innovate in digital advertising and make a brilliant graphic campaign classic. And…

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  • ‘Feel Light’, a minimalist Pepsi graphic campaign

    ‘Feel Light’ is an original and minimalist graphic campaign of Pepsi We are loving the Pepsi graphic campaign. They started with ‘Iconic Moments’ and now they continue with ‘Feel Light’ to promote the Pepsi Light.It is a minimalist graphic campaign…

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  • Obras de arte realizadas con colores Pantone

    The most famous art paintings recreated with Pantone colors

    The London artist Nick Smith has recreated the most famous art painting with Pantone colors. Pantone colors are the most used color control system by designers and artists. A system of identification, comparison and communication that is used in the…

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  • Campaña Gráfica de Stabilo: Highlight the remarkable

    “Highlight the remarkable”, the original graphic campaign of Stabilo

    Stabilo’s graphic campaign titled “Highlight the remarkable” is a brilliant exercise in creativity. Lately, and we have said it more than once, advertising is becoming a kind of fast food. Increasingly, advertising campaigns are designed to integrate an entire Social…

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  • Cannes Lions 2019

    All the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2018

    The Grand Prizes delivered at Cannes Lions, the best advertising festival. The Festival of Advertising and Creativity at Cannes has ended, better known as the Oscars of Advertising. It brings together all the world’s creative talent to choose the best…

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  • “Alphabet of Summer”, the colorful advertising campaign of Havaianas

    The advertising campaign of Havaianas captures the essence of Brazil with “The Alphabet of Summer. Havaianas advertising campaigns are always cheerful and colorful. The famous flip flops are a classic for summer and the company tries to capture those moments…

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  • Anuncio Gráfico de Vasttrafik

    The original Västtrafik graphic ad that will surprise you

    The graphic ad of Västtrafik is a poster that folds over itself to give you an alternative vision to what you are seeing. Not everything is lost in the world of advertising and graphic design. There is hope after seeing…

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