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Heinz and Absolut partner to launch a collaborative tomato sauce with Vodka

The agency Wunderman Thompson Spain has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Heinz y Absolut | Nueva Salsa Colaborativa

Heinz and Absolut partner to launch a new sauce that pays homage to Vodka’s historic advertising campaign.

Heinz and Absolut, undoubtedly two iconic brands when it comes to advertising. The popular brand of sauces has been one of the most recognized worldwide for more than 150 years; not to mention the homage that Andy Warhol paid him in numerous of his works. For its part, Absolut holds the record for carrying out the longest-lasting advertising campaign in history, with a series of iconic images that have permeated the collective imagination.

Now, the two brands come together to create a new collaborative sauce and communicate it by paying tribute to the unique graphic campaign that marked a before and after in the world of advertising.

Heinz x Absolut, a tribute to an iconic advertising campaign

Heinz y Absolute | Nueva Salsa Colaborativa

Under the title of “Absolutely Foodie” and “Ridiculously good” we find the Heinz and Absolut’s advertising campaign created by the agency Wunderman Thompson Spain. With it they present a new sauce composed of tomato sauce and vodka for pasta. It will be launched in an edition limited to UK only.

The campaign consists of four designs that are reminiscent of the popular Absolut advertising campaign: The silhouette of the bottle represented in different ways and together with the Heinz logo and bottle. The reason for the launch has been the trend in social networks of interest in a tomato sauce and vodka paste that the influencer Gigi Hadid shared on her social networks and went viral.

The idea of using Vodka in tomato sauce is not new. Caio Fontenele, New Ventures Director of Kraft Heinz commented: “The dish “Penne alla Vodka” is a hit on restaurant menus from London to São Paulo and one of the trendiest recipes on TikTok and Instagram. But its story is not is very clear: some say they were created in Italy in the 1970s, and others that they were first served in New York clubs in the 1980s.”

For his part, José María Piera, Chief Client Officer of Wunderman Thompson Spain: “The advertising campaign has been created out of admiration for brilliant work, clearly honoring it. And from that irrational love that can only be had for those brands with which you feel a higher emotional connection.”

Heinz x Absolute | Nueva Salsa Colaborativa

Heinz x Absolute | Nueva Salsa Colaborativa

Heinz x Absolute | Nueva Salsa Colaborativa

More information | Absolut’s Website


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