Absolut redesigns its bottle since its launch in 1979

Absolut rediseña su botella

Absolut redesigns its iconic bottle, its biggest update since it was launched in 1979.

The Absolut Vodka brand is undoubtedly one of the icons of our time. And his bottle an icon, at the height of the fame and knowledge of the Coca-Cola bottle. Blame, without a doubt, the Absolut advertising campaign created by Geoff Hayes and which has become one of the longest-lasting advertising campaigns in history.

Under the title of “Absolut Perfection” were many artists who put their grain of sand. Since Andy Warhol decided to make a piece of the campaign, hundreds of artists, designers and fans of the brand have participated in this advertising campaign.

Now, Absolut redesigns its iconic bottle to make a nod to its origin and the people who are working behind the famous Swedish vodka.

The Absolut bottle has been one of the best-known packaging in the world. Its design inspired by medicinal bottles, its large blue logo and its advertising campaign have made it a very powerful brand communication tool. The redesign has been carried out by the Brand Union Sthlm agency in collaboration with Destrict and the glass supplier Ardagh Group.

The new bottle bears nods to the brand’s workers and their place of origin, with an illustration of the original distillery in Åhus, the town in southern Sweden, and its postal address. The words “Country of Sweden” embossed on the glass emphasize the origins of the brand. The readability of the logo has been improved by making it larger so that it takes on more prominence.

Absolut rediseña su botella

Absolut rediseña su botella

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