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A brilliant Post-It ad: Bright Ideas Are Worth to Remember

Anuncios de Post-it

The latest Post-it graphic campaign reminds us that great ideas must be remembered.

We love the Post-it advertising campaigns. They are usually original and fun ideas, which both innovate in digital advertising and make a brilliant graphic campaign classic.

And it is already many years that the Post-it’s been among us. In our case they are an essential part of day to day when it comes to organizing tasks. And it seems that a simple idea that allows us to do many things. From ordering work, marking important elements, remembering mental ideas or simply helping us to remember certain things.

That’s why we’ve loved the latest Post-it ad. It is a classic graphic campaign that, under the motto “Bright Ideas Are Worth to Remember” they show us different illuminated spaces of yellow color. In them we see different people working to carry out a project. The cubicle of the office, the garage of a musician and the office of a manager.

A good way to announce the benefits of your product by providing a creative twist that feels good to the campaign.

Anuncios de Post-it Anuncios de Post-it Anuncios de Post-it

Via | La Criatura Creativa


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