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The Best Graphic Tablets from Wacom

Best Graphic Tablets Wacom

In the world of graphic design, a graphic tablet it’s a must. We bring you a list of the best Wacom graphics tablets.

Wacom graphics tablets are the most popular on the market. The Japanese company based in the prefecture of Saitama (Otone) is one of the largest and most important manufacturers of graphics tablets. Their products are in high demand among designers, artists, draughtsmen or architects.

These Wacom tablets use a digital pen technology, without cable or batteries that varies according to the pressure and position of the pen. Thanks to this, they allow multiple levels of sensitivity when performing a task.

Wacom tablets have multiple families, which are intended for a more basic use even to professionals in the sector. The Intuos, Bamboo or Cintiq cover a high range of needs. In the agency we use them we have decided to make a list with the 7 best graphic tablets of Wacom. We leave you with the links.


Tamaño S 👉🏻
Tamaño S con Bluetooth 👉🏻
Tamaño M 👉🏻


PRO S 👉🏻
PRO M 👉🏻
PRO L 👉🏻

Wacom Pro Paper

Bamboo Folio

Tamaño A4 👉🏻
Tamaño A5 👉🏻


Tamaño A4 👉🏻
Tamaño A5 👉🏻

Cintiq Pro

PRO16 👉🏻
PRO13 👉🏻
PRO 24 👉🏻
PRO 32 👉🏻

Mobile Studio

PRO13 👉🏻
PRO16 👉🏻

Bamboo Skecth

Stylus 👉🏻
Bamboo Stylus 👉🏻


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