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Top 10: Ten Best Commercials of 2023

The ten best commercials of 2023

These are the ten best commercials of 2023 selected by Eslogan Magazine.

The year is ending and it’s time to look back to see what 2023 has in store for us in terms of advertising. A year without major sporting events where brands could show off, with the exception of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. An event in which brands have established themselves before an empowered female audience; especially in the face of the sexist attitudes that have led to the famous #SeAcabo.

The ten best commercials of 2023 leave us different visions on how to approach a creative campaign. We have seen examples traditional campaigns like “We Give Up” or “Masterpiece” with very high technical values. Or simple but effective campaigns like Norwich City’s in favor of mental health, or Ikea’s for parents.

Now we have listed the best commercials of the year from 10 to 1. Because that’s what we are here for, to debate, leave out brilliant advertising campaigns and decide (in our opinion, of course) which ads have marked 2023. Just as we did with the ten best commercials of 2022, we are going to decide the ten best ads of 2023. Shall we begin?

10. Burger King – We Give Up

In the number 10 we have “We Give Up”, the Burger King commercial created by the Bartle Bogle Hegarty agency. A campaign that aims to publicize one of its most popular products and does so with an ironic look.

The piece is a journey through time that begins in the 1960s to the present. The protagonist goes through different periods in which we see how fashions and the atmosphere in the streets change, but there is always a common denominator: the huge publicity announcing the Whopper.

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09. Adidas – Running Needs Nothing But You

“Running Needs Nothing But You” is the title of the Adidas campaign carried out by the agency TBWA\NEBOKO and produced by Anorak Film. With it, the German firm intends to empower the new generations so that they can meet their objectives.

The idea is to promote running as the most fundamental sport of all. The oldest and most ancestral, the one that all of us -people and animals- practice. The piece is an inspiring ode to sport set to piano music to amplify the voiceover narration.

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08. Amazon – Saving Sawyer

“Saving Sawyer” is the title of Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial that tells us the emotional story of a dog and his family during confinement. The piece begins by reminding us of what we are experiencing in a pandemic, teleworking from home and children studying in online classes.

But all that, luckily, is over and face-to-face is back to stay. The situation means that the pets we had at home feel alone when in the past they were always accompanied. It is a reality that best illustrates the Amazon ad and its leading dog.

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07. Volkswagen – The Hand

At number seven on our list we have “The Hand”, by Volkswagen. The campaign carried out by the DDB agency to advertise its T-Roc, T-Cross and Taigo models reminds us a lot of the mythical advertisement of little Darth Vader; considered by all one of the best car advertisements in history.

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06. Volvo – For Life

Electric cars are giving brands an opportunity to reset their corporate image. This is the case of the Volvo campaign carried out by the AKQA and Gray agency. Titled “When you feel safe, you can be truly free” the brand explores our feelings when driving.

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05. Deutsche Telekom – Without Consent

“Share With Care” is the title of the Deutsche Telekom commercial made by the agency adam&eve Berlin. He wants to denounce the dangers of publishing photos of children and adolescents on social networks and for this they have used DeepFake technology to carry out an impressive campaign.

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04. Coca-Cola – Masterpiece

“Masterpiece” is the title of the Coca-Cola commercial created by the Blitzworks agency. It has been directed by Henry Scholfield, produced by Academy Films, and post-production by Electric Theater Collective.

The piece is a spectacular journey through the great works of art that human beings have made. Classical, contemporary and modern pictorial works come together to inspire a young man in a museum; who tried to get a bottle of Coca-Cola. Specifically, the bottle from the “Big Coca-Cola” painting that Andy Warhol made in 1962.

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03. New York Times – More of Life Brought to Life

And we enter the top 3 of the best ads of 2023. At number three we have the New York Times commercial titled “More of life brought to life” and made by the agency Droga 5. It is an ingenious advertising campaign that tries to relate different topics that are very distant from each other to have a global vision of how the current world works.

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02. Ikea – Proudly the Second Best

In number two we have a clear example that in advertising, a good idea is enough. We see this type of creativity less and less, and when it happens, we quickly identify with it. In this case, “Proudly the second best” created by the DAVID Madrid agency brings together in just over 20 seconds everything it means to be parents; and like the newcomer, he blows everything up into the air. The campaign is made up of several pieces that you can find in our review.

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01. Norwich City – Salud Mental

And we come to the best commercial of 2023. This small advertisement revolutionized the networks when it premiered. It is a campaign run by Norwich City football club to raise awareness about mental health.

And it does so by closing the focus on two fans who go every weekend to watch their games. One more reserved, another more effusive. They both enjoy, suffer, are happy or angry depending on what the team does and the season progresses.

The body language gives us the impression that one of the fans is presumably sadder than the other. Game by game they start small conversations of this type and form a small relationship, coming to care about each other. The final revelation leaves us all speechless and thinking about the problems that come with mental health.

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All the top 10 best commercials of 2023


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