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Ikea’s commercial for parents: “Proudly the Second Best”

The agency DAVID Madrid has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Ikea | Proudly the Second Best

The Ikea ad prides itself on being the “second best” choice for parents.

A la hora de crear campañas de publicidad influye mucho la situación personal que vive el creativo/a que la realize. Con tan solo mirar los anuncios creados tu puedes saber si la persona que lo ha pensado está pasando por un buen momento personal, acaba de romper con su pareja o acaba de ser padre.

Unconsciously, new experiences and experiences are turned upside down when creating an advertising piece. This is the case of the latest Ikea advert, which hits the nail on the head with its creativity aimed at parents and that only those who have had to deal with the situation will understand.

Ikea Campaign – “Proudly the second best”

“Proudly the second best” is the title of the Ikea commercial created by the DAVID Madrid agency with INGO Hamburg. In it, it shows the brand’s support for the daily work that parents do with their children and how proud they are of them.

When you are expecting a baby, illusions and fears skyrocket. When it comes to preparing all the material that you are going to need, it is inevitable to think that you are going to have everything under control: the crib, the high chair, the stool,… everything is blown up when the little person decides that they are not going to use any of what you have bought

Thus, life becomes a kind of gymkhana where the baby does not sleep in the crib, does not eat in the high chair or use the stool because it has found something more useful. All these small moments of the daily life of new parents are captured in a masterful way in the latest Ikea ad.

And it is that the creativity of the Swedish multinational places the elements of the brand in the background, almost ousted for not being used. But they know that sooner or later the product they have bought for their baby will be used, but not now.

Carla Klumpenaar, Ikea’s general manager of marketing for Arab countries: “Humility is a value that lives at the heart of our brand. Placing parents as the first choice for their children reflects this fundamental belief. It doesn’t matter if they feel overwhelmed , we are actually proud of it. Through this campaign, we hope to spread this brand value and celebrate fatherhood through various channels.”

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