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Adidas’ motivational campaign: “Running Needs Nothing But You”

The agency TBWA\NEBOKO has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Campaña de Adidas | Running Needs Nothing But You

The new Adidas campaign is a motivational ode to running as the most ancient sport.

There are times when sports brands need to go back to basics to relaunch their brand image. Advertising campaigns and strategies usually serve one or two years, but soon a “reset” is necessary to reimagine everything. Few advertising campaigns last forever. Society changes and brands must adapt to new forms of communication.

This is the case of Adidas, which is launching a new global campaign, a love letter to running and to the fact that it doesn’t take much to start practicing this wonderful sport.

“Running Needs Nothing But You” is the title of the Adidas campaign carried out by the agency TBWA\NEBOKO and produced by Anorak Film. With it, the German firm intends to empower the new generations so that they can meet their objectives.

The idea is to promote running as the most fundamental sport of all. The oldest and most ancestral, the one that all of us -people and animals- practice. The piece is an inspiring ode to sport set to piano music to amplify the voiceover narration. For Adidas, this campaign celebrates the personal nature of running and the reasons and motivations of each one. The brand remembers that the objective is not to meet the expectations of others, but to accept your personal experience and be part of a community.

The Adidas campaign intersperses images of beginners with great stars of the brand such as Mo Salah, Natálie Lehmanová or Martinus Evans. They will explain to us in several clips the relationship they have with this sport and how it has helped them overcome various difficult moments in their lives.

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