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The most famous art paintings recreated with Pantone colors

Obras de arte realizadas con colores Pantone

The London artist Nick Smith has recreated the most famous art painting with Pantone colors.

Pantone colors are the most used color control system by designers and artists. A system of identification, comparison and communication that is used in the graphic arts. With the advent of digital marketing, the company started a new line of communication to publicize its product to the general public.

Thanks to this we have seen how many actions filled the store windows of the shopping centers and even an app to detect the colors in a photograph. The artists have joined the fever and have created various projects to denounce injustices or make us travel thanks to the recreation of spaces with popular colors.

Now, the London artist Nick Smith has recreated the most famous works of art using the color code. To make the composition, he has used small samples of color to create mosaics of works such as “The Sream”, “The Starry Night” or “La Gioconda”.

Thanks to this technique, Nick Smith has managed to “deconstruct” the works and represent them in their minimal expression. These works are so famous and we have them so present that we are able to recognize them with a glance.

Nick Smith - La Joven de la Perla Nick Smith - Salvator Mundi Nick Smith - Beethoven Nick Smith - Whistlejacket Nick Smith - Gioconda Nick Smith - Tres Gracias Nick Smith - El Grito Nick Smith - El Hijo del Hombre Nick Smith - Van Gogh

Via | La Criatura Creativa


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