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The new McDonald’s packaging with minimalist illustrations

Nuevo Packaging de McDonald's

McDonald’s new packaging modernizes its line with emotionally cheerful minimalist illustrations.

If at the beginning of the year Burger King surprised everyone with a redesign of its brand and packaging, now it is the turn of its competition: McDonald’s. We are entering 2021 and brands want to make a point and apart after the pandemic. This entails a new corporate image so that the change is more evident at all levels. Business and consumer.

To make the change, the new McDonald’s packaging has been created by the branding agency Pearlfisher. They have carried out a facelift to the entire packaging system of the brand. The idea, “generate a feeling of joy and happiness for the brand” according to those responsible.

And if the new McDonald’s packaging stands out for something, it is for its minimalist illustrations. The brand’s new visual frame is made with eye-catching illustrations to quickly highlight the product.

According to Pearlfisher: “The graphical representations of the menu show McDonald’s playful point. The graphs are easy to understand and drive product recognition wherever the order is placed in the world.”

The working method has been to identify the unique element of each product in order to represent it in the packaging. So the new McDonald’s packaging contains unique, easily identifiable and emotionally joyful illustrations.

McDonald's New Packaging

McDonald's New Packaging

McDonald's New Packaging

McDonald's New Packaging


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