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The funny Volkswagen commercial: “Let’s go for a drive”

The DDB Sydney agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Volkswagen | Let's go for a Drive

The Volkswagen commercial presents us with the placid life of a lighthouse keeper in Australia.

Volkswagen advertising campaigns have always left us great stories. We all remember little Darth Vader, one of the best car commercials, or more recently, “The Hand” where a little boy thought he had the ability to stop cars.

And everyday stories have always been the spearhead of Volkswagen commercials. Now they have launched another campaign titled “Let’s go for a Drive” in which we will witness the placid life of a lighthouse keeper on a remote island.

Volkswagen advert – Let’s go for a Drive

“Let’s go for a Drive” is the title of the Volkswagen commercial created by DDB Sidney, produced by Revolver and directed by Steve Rogers. It has been launched in Australia and will be complemented with outdoor advertising and social media actions.

The piece stars a lighthouse keeper who works on a small remote island. We see her calm and routine taking care of the lighthouse. He doesn’t really need to drive, but he has an electric Volkswagen to give himself the pleasure of picking up the mail and learning about the outside world when a small boat brings it to him.

According to Matt Chandler, executive creative director at DDB Sydney: “It’s not every day you get the opportunity to develop a campaign for a brand as iconic as Volkswagen. That’s why we wanted to tell a story that was as simple as it was beautiful, highlighting the joy of “driving even when the journeys are actually very short.”

For his part, Michal Szaniecki, managing director of Volkswagen in Australia, commented: “There have been great synergies between Volkswagen and DDB both in the present and in the past and this has become evident in the development of this campaign. We feel a deep connection with the creative concept from the beginning and we believed it spoke perfectly about who we are as a brand and the way we want people to feel when they drive our cars.”

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