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Audi’s ad celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia

“It’s time to open new doors” is the Audi’s ad that celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia.

June 24 was a historic day in Saudi Arabia. For the first time women could get their driver’s license. From now on, it will not be illegal for women to drive around the country. A prohibition that existed since the 50s and that everyone has received with joy. And of course, car brands are already very happy with this goal.

Yes, it may seem very ridiculous that it is ILLEGAL for a woman to drive. Any advance towards a more equal society is to be grateful. Although they are thousands of years away from European societies and especially the Nordic ones.

The brands of cars foresee an increase of new registrations of high gamma cars and a boom in the Saudi country. And you have to take positions regarding the competition. One of the first brands to advertise has been Audi, with its “It’s time to open new doors” celebrates the symbolism of this special day.

In the Audi’s ad, we see the gentlemanliness of a husband who opens the doors to the woman as they leave the house until they reach the vehicle. There the moments turn and it is she who will sit in the car.

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