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Janelle Monáe stars in the new 2021 Audi commercial

Actriz del anuncio de Audi RS e-Tron 2021

The audi commercial actress is Janelle Monáe and stars in “Progress isn’t either – or”.

Audi’s advertising campaigns are being carried out by young actors. First he was the actor in the Audi Q4 commercial, starring Regé-Jean Page, the actor who plays Simon Basset in the Bridgertons.

Now, to present the new electric car from Audi, the Audi RS e-Tron GT they have decided on a young actress who is raising the same questions: Who is the black actress in the Audi commercial?

Audi commercial actress 2021

The black actress in the Audi commercial is Janelle Monáe, an American singer, producer and actress. Janelle Monáe has risen to fame for taking over from Julia Roberts as head of the ‘Homecoming’ series. The German company is opting for rising stars to star in its advertising campaigns.

The new paradigm in the automotive sector demands new forms of communication. Simple, fresh and modern communication, and who better than the new rising stars to star in it. The actress of the Audi RS e-Tron commercial is Janelle Monáe. The actress, born in Kansas in 1985, has three albums to her credit: “The ArchAndroid”, “The Electric Lady” and “Dirty Computer” that are close to the rhythm of R&B and soul. Her beginnings in the cinema go through being the voice of different animated characters in “The Lady and the Tramp” or “Rio 2”.

But his popularity for the general public comes to be erected by relieving Julia Roberts at the helm of the series ‘Homecoming’ that faces its second season.

Audi’s advertising campaign presents its new electric model, the Audi RS e-Tron GT. The model has two front motors and four-wheel drive, producing 646 horsepower and 830 newtons of torque. The copy of the Audi commercial narrated by Janelle Monáe reads: “Singing or speaking. Mine or yours. Reason or fun. Statement or silence. Sensitive or strong. Intelligent or intuitive. Luxurious or mindfull. Fast or longlasting. Progress isn´t either or… Progress is everything.”

A Story of Progress: Janelle Monáe for Audi

Audi Commercial with Janelle Monáe

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  1. If only all women would like that classy most just wanna look like tramps. Hats off to you mam

  2. This is just too weird; I’ll stick with Ford and gasoline. That girl/guy makes me want to run the other way screaming NOOO

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