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Pepsi’s spectacular trailer for the Super Bowl Half Time Show

Trailer de Pepsi Super Bowl 2022

Pepsi’s trailer to announce the Super Bowl Half Time Show features the five biggest rap stars who will perform at the event.

The Super Bowl is drawing near and brands are beginning to make a move. Not long ago it was the advert with Matt Damon at the helm who inaugurated the Super Bowl 2002 commercials. And now it’s Pepsi‘s turn, which, with a spectacular trailer, announces the popular Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Quite a display of production without skimping on resources. What for, if we are talking about the Super Bowl, the event of the year where advertisers spend the maximum amounts on production, production and editing.

“The Call” is the title of Pepsi’s trailer to announce the Super Bowl Half Time Show. The event, sponsored by the beverage brand, will feature a performance by five Rap icons: Dr. Dre. Eminem, Snoop Dogg, May J. Blige and Kendrick Lamarr.

The piece has been made by F. Gary Gray and has a duration of 4 minutes. In it we see all the display of media and special effects as a presentation of the five rappers who will perform at the event. The ad’s director, in a statement: “Every time I collaborate with Dre there seems to be a major milestone in entertainment history, from projects like ‘Friday,’ ‘Set It Off,’ and Straight Outta Compton,’ to this work for the Super Bowl show. Being a super fan, it is my honor and privilege to have built and created this authentic moment with five of the most legendary artists in music history.”

According to Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing for Pepsi: “With just a few weeks left until the most anticipated Super Bowl halftime show of all time, we wanted to bring fans closer to the magic of what is sure to be a colossal moment.” in the history of popular culture. Our piece appropriately pays homage to each of the superstars that will come together in a historic event.”

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