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Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2021

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2021

The best 2021 Super Bowl commercials between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the planet. A sideboard that more than 100 million people see live, and where brands launch their best advertisements. One of the quintessential events of the American ShowTime and that this year has had a special importance since it has been held right in the middle of the global pandemic.

And is that last year, the Super Bowl was one of the last mass events to be held worldwide. In China, the Coronavirus was already causing havoc and the perception that it would leave the country was nil. A year later, things have changed a lot, with the planet plunged into a global pandemic, although luckily, celebrating the distribution of the vaccine that immunizes against the virus.

Despite this, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa has been occupied by 22,000 seats. 7,500 health workers who are already vaccinated and the rest of the general public who got the ticket through a raffle system. We leave you with the best announcements of the Super Bowl 2021 and a playlist on YouTube.

Michelob Ultra – Happy

Cadillac – ScissorHandsFree

General Motors – No Way Norway

Audi – Norway Globus

Anheuser-Busch – Let’s Grab a Beer

Jeep – The middle

Chipotle – Can a Burrito Change the World?

Vroom – Dealership pain

Toyota – Jessica Long’s Story

Doritos – #FlatMatthew

Cheetos – It Wasn’t Me

Logitech – Defy Logic

Pringles – Our Heroes Return

Bud Light – Legends

Stella Artois – Heartbeat Billionaire

Amazon Echo – Alexa’s Body

DoorDash – The Neighborhood

M&M’s – Come Together

Huggies – Welcome to the World, Baby

Robinhood Financial – We are all investors


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