McDonald’s turns a billboard into a Foodtruck: “Foodtruck Billboard”

The Nord DDB agency has created this original action in Stockholm

“Foodtruck Billboard”, McDonald’s has turned a billboard into a Food Truck to present its new hamburger.

Outdoor advertising is usually a good outlet for many creatives. Although locations such as billboards, marquees or opis have been offering us great creative ideas for some time; It is a support that gives a lot of play to surprise with new ideas.

This is the case of McDonald’s, a pioneer in the use of outdoor advertising and tactical advertising actions. His are the campaigns creating a restaurant for bees or the picnic bag to eat in the field.

Foodtruck billboard

“Foodtruck Billboard” is McDonald’s campaign to present its new hamburger “Craft Chicken Burger”. It has been created by the Nord DDB agency in Stockholm and is a nod to the street food culture that is so fashionable these days.

To promote its new product, McDonald’s decided to give passers-by in Stockholm free for 24 hours. To do this, he created a hybrid of opis with wheels that served as a Food Truck. The operation but, had a trick. Although the opis had a screen where you could see the cook making the hamburger, when you finished you had to scan a QR code using the brand’s app. With it you could get a coupon to enjoy the “Craft Chicken Burger”.

According to Staffan Ekstam, Marketing Director of McDonald’s in Sweden: “Our new burger is inspired by the rustic culture of ‘street food’, both from the point of view of the preparation and the spices that season it. For this reason we It seemed fun to create a ‘food truck’, but giving it a modern and digital twist.”

For her part, Josefina Norén, art director Nord DDB: “Our challenge when creating the campaign was to cover the mupi with the ‘look’ of an authentic “Food truck”. We wanted to approach digital outdoor advertising in a different way to create something fun, interactive and fresh that would simultaneously allow people to try the new McDonald’s burger.”

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