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Google’s emotional commercial: Loretta for the Super Bowl

Google has moved all the viewers of the Super Bowl with this tender story

Anuncio de Google Loretta

The Google commercial is titled Loretta and it is a story that impacts us due to its rawness and emotion.

Voice assistants are in most houses. They are ideal objects to give away, small, easy to install and that can help us enormously in small daily actions. And they are, without a doubt, the star product to advertise in Super Bowl commercials.

And it is that the Google commercial: Loretta has been one of the great winners of the popular Half Time of the event that every year gathers millions of people around the world. The battle of the brands begins when the sport rests.

Anuncio de Google: Loretta

“Loretta” is the title of Google’s commercial for the 2020 Super Bowl. The idea is to sell its voice assistant and how it can make life easier for us in mundane tasks. But what they did not expect is that their announcement would move us and make us cry with a mixture of tenderness, joy and sadness.

The Google commercial: Loretta tells us the moving story of an older man who asks his Google Assistant to remind him of the happy times he had with his beloved Loretta, his deceased wife. In this way Google reminds us how technology can help us to remember our loved ones long after they are gone, and to relive moments with loved family or friends who slowly see their most precious memories fade into the darkness of oblivion.

Google’s commercial: Loretta has connected with the emotions of users and millions of followers around the world were moved and flooded the network with comments and retweets full of emotion, making this announcement the most commented and mentioned positively of the night .

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