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Heineken’s commercial shows us the reality behind the video calls

Anuncio de Heineken | Connections

Heineken’s commercial during the pandemic shows us the reality behind the video calls.

The majority of ads launched during the Covid19 pandemic resemble each other. The duration of the quarantine, but, has managed to get the creatives to put themselves together to offer small original stories full of humanity. This is the case of the Nivea ad #ShareTheCare, the optimistic Coca-Cola ad or the motivating Nike commercial to come back in a big way.

This time, Heineken has chosen to bring a little humor to all the situations we are experiencing. And video calls have become an essential part of this confinement. With “Connections”, the Dutch multinational gives us a smile with absurd situations during calls.


The Heineken’s commercial has been created by Publicis Italia and is based on a very clear premise. What are video calls with your loved ones like? And it is not always easy to make a video call and until a few days have passed we have not got used to group calls. Technology does not always work as we expect and many neophyte people have had to put their batteries in order to communicate. Setbacks that make the experience not always perfect and avoid a satisfying experience.

Devices without a battery, poor internet coverage, poor image quality or trying to put the phone in a decent place to hold it. With “Connections”, Heineken puts us in a string of different hilarious situations that surely we have all experienced.

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