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The Heinz Adverts That Keep Being Late For Every Event

The brand takes advantage of the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II to congratulate Queen Victoria

Anuncios de Heinz | Golden Jubilee

Heinz’s adverts follow the line of the slogan that was created for the launch of its pasta sauce.

In February, Heinz apologized to the media for bringing out a tomato pasta sauce after 150 years. Creativity, the work of Wunderman Thompson Spain alluded to the fact that, despite growing tomatoes for so long, they had not yet thought of launching a sauce for pasta.

Creativity was a piece very much in the English humor style where in a letter from the company, they publicly apologized for being so late to market. Now, they have found a creative vein that they have not hesitated to use in the next big event in the United Kingdom.

Anuncios de Heinz | Golden Jubilee

“Ridiculously late. Ridiculously good ”(“ Ridiculously late. Ridiculously good ”) follows the communicative line of the original advertisement and takes advantage of the anniversary of the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II to publish her new graphic campaign. The letter was published full page in “The Observer”, the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world.

But, instead of congratulating Queen Elizabeth II, he congratulates Queen Victoria’s 50 years on the throne. Heinz reminds Her Majesty that during that time they were very busy growing tomatoes while Queen Victoria was celebrating her birthday in 1887.

Anuncios de Heinz | Golden Jubilee

Heinz has seven pasta sauces and this latest launch is one of the British company’s most successful, leading to an 80% increase in sales.

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This is ridiculous Heinz

Ver anuncio de Heinz: This is Ridiculous

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