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Heinz campaign takes advantage of restaurant fraud

The ReThink agency has detected the opportunity to reinforce brand value

Campaña de Heinz | Ketchup Fraud

“Ketchup Fraud” is the title of the Heinz campaign that takes advantage of the fraud that some restaurants carry out when serving ketchup.

In advertising, it is as important to have an original idea as it is to know how to detect those moments in which your brand can stand out. Today, thanks to social networks and user publications, brands are detecting what uses are given of their products in establishments.

This is the case of the latest Heinz campaign, which thanks to the photos taken by consumers have detected that many restaurants fill Heinz ketchup bottles with generic ketchup. Far from retaliating, they have taken advantage of the moment to reinforce their image positioning.

Campaña de Heinz | Ketchup Fraud

“Ketchup Fraud” is the title of the Heinz campaign made by the Rethink agency and photographed by Ale Burset. It is designed for the US market where they will place outdoor advertising in cities like New York and Chicago, as well as advertisements in the press.

The Heinz campaign recreates scenes of workers filling a Heinz bottle with generic ketchup. A simple image that is accompanied by the brand’s claim: “Even when it’s not Heinz, it has to be Heinz”

Megan Langm, director of marketing for Heinz North America, stated: “The campaign is based on a photograph of a user on Snapchat where they captured the image of someone refilling a bottle of Heinz with another product. By digging on social networks we detected that it was a general behavior We thought we could amplify this behavior in a fun way.”

The brand intends to detect those restaurants where fraud occurs to work on a solution that supports establishments and users can have the product they want.

Campaña de Heinz | Ketchup Fraud

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