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Huggies commercial welcomes newborn babies to the world

Anuncio de Huggies | Super Bowl

Huggies’ Super Bowl commercial welcomes babies born on the same day.

We continue with our analysis of the best Super Bowl ads. If one of the big winners was the ad parodying the sequel by Edward Scissorhands and the most emotional was the one by Toyota explaining the story of Jessica Long; Today we bring you the most touching ad and the first from a diaper brand to be advertised at the Super Bowl.

The Huggies commercial is titled “Welcome to the World, Baby” and features newborn photos on the same day the ad was broadcast. How did they get it?

The Huggies commercial begins with a voiceover: “Welcome baby! We are so glad you are here, that is, Earth. World, meet the babies! Born today, like literally hours ago.” And it continues with images of newborns that same day.

Although most of the ad has already been recorded, Huggies began reaching out to hospitals to find out which parents would be willing to show their child during the Super Bowl. Then they coordinated to send their own photos and video clips of the babies to appear in the advertisement and quickly assemble the piece with those holes they had left for the occasion.

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