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Hyundai’s amazing campaign to advertise its robotaxis in Las Vegas

The agency Jung von Matt SPREE has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Campaña de Hyundai | Robotaxis Las Vegas

Hyundai’s campaign shows us how they train their robotaxis in one of the most chaotic cities in the world: Las Vegas.

Autonomous driving is a technology that is about to burst into our lives. Brands are carrying out practices in large cities like San Francisco and some like Tesla already offer them in their vehicles as long as there is a driver inside.

Now, when it comes to carrying out an advertising campaign, brands usually focus on unattractive technical aspects. To announce the Ioniq 5 robotaxis, Hyundai has preferred to give it a more comical approach in one of the most chaotic cities in the world.

“What Happens in Vegas, Makes Our IONIQ 5-based Robotaxi Even Safer” is the title of Hyundai’s campaign. It has been made by the agency Jung von Matt SPREE and narrates with a comic aspect how the brand trains its autonomous cars in Las Vegas.

The brand is aware of the eccentricities that happen in Sin City and an ideal setting to show the benefits of its autonomous driving. A driving that successfully avoids all the obstacles encountered along the way: From a dinosaur on a bicycle, a UFO on roller skates, an Elvis on a moped or even a real tiger.

According to Sarah Buggle, creative director of Jung von Matt SPREE: “The highlight of the campaign is its communication style, which completely avoids complicated technical language that can confuse people and its vision of autonomous cars. The campaign is committed to in its place by a much more realistic vision of the technology of this type of vehicle.”

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