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The Ikea campaign reformulates the fable of “The hare and the tortoise”

Campaña de Ikea | La liebre y la tortuga

The latest Ikea campaign in the UK reformulates the classic tale of “The Hare and the Tortoise”.

Society and brands are returning to normal after Covid19. During the confinement, Ikea was one of the most active brands in making the population aware of the risks of leaving home. The different creative departments in each country used images from other campaigns to make their spots, and the brand launched a global message under the slogan #StayHome.

Little by little we are returning to the daily routine and brands begin to launch advertising campaigns to use. This is the case with the latest Ikea advertising campaign in the UK, which reformulates the old fable from the tale of “The Hare and the Tortoise”.

“The Hare” is the title of the latest Ikea campaign. The Swedish multinational encourages us to rethink what role rest plays in our lives. For this they have modernized the classic story to explain how essential it is to have a good rest to perform well during the day.

The ad created by the Mother agency shows us how the hare goes home after going through the gym. She is preparing for the big race the next day and when she returns home she meets the group. They decide to go have “just a drink” with friends before going to sleep. After things get out of hand, she comes home late but instead of going to sleep she spends her time consuming screens on the couch.

At the same time, we see how the turtle wakes up after a peaceful night and a good night’s sleep. She faces the race as rested as possible while the hare still wakes up on the couch. In the end we intuit how the thing will end.

According to Kemi Anthony, UK Marketing Manager of the brand: “2020 has been a strange year and as we have all slowly adapted to the new normal, many people have found that their dream has been affected. This campaign aims to help people find new ways to prioritize sleep because a bright day begins with the rest of the night before. “

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