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“Ikea Home Lessons”, another great Ikea ad using snippets already used

Ikea Home Lessons

“Ikea Home Lessons” is another great Ikea advertising campaign with images from other spots made.

The marketing and advertising strategy that Ikea has followed is peculiar. Each country has its advertising agency that carries out the campaigns according to the reality of the region. The plant gives you complete freedom to do as you please, following a few style guidelines. This causes each country to launch the advertising campaigns it deems appropriate and as a result there is always an advertisement for the brand present in the media.

An advantage of using this system is that the brand has huge material recorded in different countries. Communication between creative departments in each country has made it possible to create “Ikea Home Lessons” using recorded material from each advertising campaign.

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The Ikea ad lists some of the lessons that have been learned without being able to leave the house: How to change the decoration by rearranging elements or cut our bangs without having to go to the hairdresser are some of the small actions that will surely sound very familiar to you.

The commercial has been made by Ikea Canada, which has worked with the material made in other countries. Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Greece shared fragments to make a consistent and solid piece.

The song in the spot is a cover of Jimmy Eat World’s song “The Middle”. This song provides the optimistic message that the brand wants to convey.

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