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Lego’s commercial is an emotive history of childhood: “Little Pirate”

Anuncio de Lego | Little Pirate

Latest Lego’s commercial presents his latest product with an endearing story about childhood with “Little Pirate”.

Lego’s marketing and advertising strategy is somewhat peculiar. He has focused all his efforts on alternative channels to advertising, focusing on Social Media or YouTube channels. It has been 30 years without launching a single brand ad until it launched “Rebuild the World” in 2019. And thanks to everything it is still a strong brand that does not go out of style.

Now, to promote their latest product “Pirates of Barracuda” they bring us an endearing story about childhood and the child we all carry inside.

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“Little Pirate” is the title of the Lego’s commercial to promote their latest product. In it we see how a father gives his son the classic pirate ship of the brand. They spend whole days riding it together creating lots of memories in the child’s head. As he grows older, those memories fade over time but are never lost, being a source of inspiration thanks to his father.

That boy has grown up and had a daughter. As she grows older, he still wants to play with her, but the teenager is not very busy. Seeing her sad father, she realizes and gives him the same pirate ship focused on the Danish brand “Pirates of Barracuda” series. Then they spend time riding it, thus generating a union with their daughter that evokes memories with her father.

The Lego ad has been created by the Danish agency “Advance” of Copneaghe and directed by Marc Louis Sutton.

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