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Nike ad pays tribute to Eliud Kipchoge’s legacy

Wieden+Kennedy London realiza la colorida campaña

Anuncio de Nike | Have a Beatiful Run | Eliud Kipchoge

Nike’s ad is a tribute to Eliud Kipchoge and his legacy to future generations of runners.

Every September comes one of the most anticipated events for marathoners around the world: The Berlin Marathon. Defined by many as the fastest marathon in the world, it is where the current world record has been recorded. The 2:01:09 mark was established by Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge, in his attempt to break under two hours.

Now, Nike pays tribute to one of its star athletes and the legacy he leaves for the great marathoners and runners who will come after him.

“Have a Beautiful Run” is the title of the Nike ad created by Wieden+Kennedy London. The campaign wants to promote the EK Umoja clothing collection, lines of clothing and sneakers that are based on the spirit of Eliud Kipchoge.

Nike’s ad pays tribute to the sporting legacy of the athlete, the first runner to break under two hours in a marathon, although in an unofficial event. It captures the vital philosophy of Eliud Kipchoge in a colorful piece with futuristic touches with a strong inspirational component.

Kipchoge acts as a guide for a young runner who is doing sports. She is automatically transported to a fantasy world where the Kenyan encourages her with motivational phrases. This collection is called Umoja, which means “Unity” in Swahili.


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