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North Face’s motivational advert: We Always Have Your Back

The creative agency B-Reel and the director Anton Tammi have been responsible for the campaign

Anuncio de North Face | We always have your back

The North Face advert reminds us that the brand is always there watching our backs.

Winter is synonymous with sporting activity in the mountains: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or hiking are some of the most practiced activities. And it is the time when winter clothing brands bring out their best clothes to protect us from the cold.

This is the case of The North Face, one of the brands most used by mountain professionals. Now the popular clothing brand has launched an advertising campaign reminding us that it is always there, watching our backs.

“We Always Have Your Back” is the title of the North Face advert. It has been created by the creative agency B-Reel in collaboration with director Anton Tammi and production company Pine.

The central idea of the campaign is to reinforce the positioning of The North Face as an adventure and outdoor clothing brand. To do this, he has used one of the most identifying features of the garments: the brand logo on the upper part of the back. This peculiar location has become over time a hallmark of The North Face.

And, to highlight that the garments can be used both in the city and in the mountains, they have taken an epic journey from the brand’s connection with pop culture, in the city to outdoor extreme sports on the top of a mountain. .

According to Afshin Moeini and Christian Poppius, Creative Directors at B-Reel: “We love how this campaign takes the premise of placing the logo in an unusual but iconic place and gives it new meaning. The North Face has always had our back. Literally. And whether you’re an extreme explorer or just into fashion, the brand will always be there.”

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