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OnePlus’ spectacular action on a frozen lake

Acción de OnePlus en un lago helado

The OnePlus action took place on a frozen lake in Finland and consisted of a soccer match.

Telephone brands usually spare no effort to announce their new smartphone models. Every new feature they may have is shown with great fanfare to convince consumers.

This is the case of the latest advertising campaign from OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. And to announce the resistance of its latest model to extreme conditions, it has held the first soccer match on a frozen lake.

“Match Beyond Belief” is the title of OnePlus’ action in Finland. It consisted of a soccer match on a frozen lake between the Finnish team of Gilla FC against the Norwegian team of Off-Pitch under the 3 on 3 modality.

The intention of OnePlus’ action was to show the performance and resistance of its latest model, the OnePlus 12, under extreme conditions. This new device perfectly resists ice and frost thanks to “Aqua” technology. This technology makes the touch screen work in humidity or snow.

According to Celina Shi, Chief Marketing Officer of OnePlus Europe: “The new OnePlus 12 offers unlimited performance and an unparalleled experience. To highlight the capabilities of the device, we organized a football match between Gilla FC and Off-pitch in the most extreme conditions in Finland. Showcasing our brand spirit of pushing the limits of creativity and performance. We are delighted to see the public’s embrace of this unconventional idea of playing a football match on a frozen lake. “

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