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Phillips’ new global campaign: “Care Means the World”

The agencies TBWA\Neboko and Omnicom PR Group have been in charge of the advertising campaign

Campaña global de Phillips | Care Means the World

Phillips’ global campaign focuses on patient care and healthcare.

Phillips is a Dutch multinational company focused on electronics and healthcare. It is normal to see Phillips appliances at home, but if there is a part that is more unknown to us, it is the entire part focused on material for hospitals. Specifically, radiology machines such as X-rays, MRIs and ultrasounds.

Now it has launched a global campaign that focuses on patient care and healthcare. With images of people helped by Phillips products.

Phillips campaign | Care Means the World

“Care Means The World” is the title of the global campaign carried out by TBWA\Neboko and Omnicom PR Group. It is the first piece of a 360-degree integrated campaign that will be activated globally both physically and digitally.

The global campaign presents us with patients who went through an illness and overcame it thanks to the solutions that Phillips has in hospitals and health centers. To reduce the ecological footprint, the Dutch brand collaborated with local photographers from eleven countries to document the patients.

Phillips recognizes the importance they have in people’s well-being, and their impact on the planet: “If our planet is not healthy, can we people be healthy? If we want to continue caring for patients in the best possible way, we have “We must care for our planet with the same care and urgency, both now and in the long term.”

Phillips Brand Director Lian Vergeer-Langens said: “The global campaign highlights the strong connection between people’s health and the environment. Philips is taking steps to deliver the highest quality healthcare and “At the same time, reducing environmental impact. This means creating the best possible solutions to help healthcare professionals care for patients and the planet through a unique combination of innovation, design and sustainability.”

Phillips has been carbon neutral since 2020 and has set an even more ambitious goal for reducing CO2 emissions by 2025.

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